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How do you start on the road to building your dream home?

How do you take care of all the aspects of property, taxes, labour, materials, time frame?

The short answers is, "Give us a call."

We have decades upon decades of experience organizing and executing succesful stagings, sales, renovations and even new constructions.

You don't need to do it alone and everyone loves the process when they get into it.

With cost-saving advice in the design and construction process.  We want to ensure you get everything you need into your grand design. We help you plan the budget, choose the perfect lot, find the right floor plan and the architect to make the adjustments to make it yours. Finally, we hire the professionals that will put it all together on time, on budget and on par with our expectations. From budgeting the initial inception to hanging the curtains, the Khajavi family assists you and your family in getting yourself an expertly built home.

Come share our experiences and learn to build your dream home

Our portfolio of accomplishments is large in both quality and variety.

Our clients are satisfied and confident that if they want to do it again, they can count on us to help them accomplish their goals all over again.

Enter the details for the dream house you're after and my team and I will let you know if we have something you would like to see. You can choose to have us contact you via phone or email, and the more detail you can provide, the better we can help.