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Sister city on the lake

Encircled by lakes, rife with cultural history and spattered with golf courses and world renowned wineries, West Kelowna includes several distinct communities some of which are defined by their specific demographic.

The municipality was simply known as Westbank and was considered a part of Kelowna until 2007 when it was officially incorporated and a referendum held to select the name.

Today West Kelowna is self governed and growing fast with new developments in housing, commerce and industry sprouting as new investors pour in to accentuate the proud heritage and landscape.

These new developments are typically well designed, and receive the benefits of West Kelowna’s many existing amenities as well as the new commercial sectors being developed along the way.

As a city, the residents of West Kelowna are very active and it is evident in the sheer number and variety of hiking trails, beach fronts, soccer and baseball fields, community centres and park lands that the residents may appreciate at their leisure.

Generally speaking, the housing market in West Kelowna covers the luxury spectrum, from low to high end with much in between in the form of condominiums, townhomes and detached family housing.

Historically, investors seeking a newly constructed piece of real estate would typically find the more affordable high end homes located in West Kelowna.  However, as time marches and more developments are completed, West Kelowna’s demand and value are steadily rising.  With the completion of the W.R. Bennett bridge, housing rates jumped as residents could now comfortably commute to and from their homes or jobs.

Everyday the West Kelowna council is reviewing new endeavors to secure a bright and prosperous future for the city, and investors would do well to seek a niche amongst this rising star sooner rather than later.