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Mood, theme and pathways.

If you've lived in your home for years, you have your furniture and decor arranged in a certain pattern as to allow maximum mobility, and comfort as you are accustomed.

When you are staging your home, you want the home to present itself as any number of individuals may wish to see it.

These are just a few factors, and along with a slew of other suggestions you can use to maximize the assessment value of your home before it goes to market.

Give Naze a call if you'd like help getting your property prepared and staged properly for maximum market return. We can get your real estate assessment underway afterwards as well.

Spaciousness, lighting, pathways and more go into the strategy behind staging a home. It’s no wonder why there are countless people who make successful careers out of strictly staging homes for those marketing property.

Naze Khajavi is exceptionally versed in the usage of your furniture, positioning mirrors to reflect light, adding accents for contrasts and colour, but most importantly the little things (coloured fruit in a bowl perhaps) that give the home a soul you can feel resonate.