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Landscaping your property

When you’re preparing your property for marketing, it’s important to note that the first thing a prospective buyer will see is the landscaping.

Good landscaping adds exponential value to your property and will make all the difference in its assessment.

Many people don’t know just how much of an effect new additions to the existing landscape may make.

You don’t need to go overboard with new features, however if there are unfinished aspects in your yard, broken or ruined decorations, these may in fact detract from the value in your property and should be addressed promptly.

If your property features walkways, garden, a fountain, or a fence it is important to see that they’re polished or painted, cleaned of loose foliage, or the dead leaves at the very least.

While showing your home, maintenance of your landscaping can be a bit troublesome, but appearance is key to a successful sale.  Keeping your lawn mowed, the yards clear and landscape generally as presentable as you would like to see it if you were making the purchase yourself.

These tips are common sense and will increase the value of and chances of marketing your home successfully and selling it sooner.