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The Kelowna market is a strong example of how real estate can help an investor succeed in a stable and growing market.

As an investor, you would be interested in the Okanagan for the variety of lot options, homes, and locations, but moreover the value that Kelowna homes can offer.

From low to high value, the Okanagan’s homes are all sought for their close proximity to a wide variety of amenities both natural and man made.

While many investors appreciate the lucrative nature of the Okanagan homes sales market, the rental market of Kelowna and the surrounding valley is especially powerful and many units are sought by investment purchasers for the specific purpose of offering to potential tenants. In fact, certain areas in Kelowna even experience shortages of rental properties that suit small families.

Naze Khajavi is well established in the Okanagan Valley and has worked tirelessly to earn her admired reputation and unparalleled knowledge of Kelowna. Her advice is genuin, unbiased, and crediable. You will be at ease knowing that your best interests are her highest priority.