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As a charming example of rural British Columbia, Lake Country features its own variety of beaches, lakes, wineries, golf courses and resorts.

Located close to all these fine amenities, Lake Country is loved by its residents and visited often by locals of surrounding towns and cities regularly as a nearby getaway during the tourist seasons.

Rife with boat launches, hidden swimming holes, mountain trails for hiking and biking, and many other natural elements, Lake Country is a nature lovers absolute fantasy.

Industrial and commercial establishments are sparse, spotting the landscape or situated along the main drag.

Lake Country is primarily a residential town and it is plainly evident.  New developments adorn the lake front, or cliff sides, while the outlying foothills are farmland, wineries and golf courses for the residents and tourists to enjoy.

Investors seeking an affordable space upon which to plant their flag should examine Lake Country closely for they will be pleasantly surprised by what this piece of British Columbia has to offer.